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Who we Are

Committed to Keeping Your Spaces Cleaner and Greener

The First Coast Green Clean Squad was founded in 2018.  As residents of Jacksonville we were mesmerized by the natural beauty surrounding Florida’s First Coast.  The bright and warm sun blanketing the tall palm trees and lush green grass was our inspiration.  We wanted to be able to perpetuate this natural beauty in places people live and work. We began to understand that our calling and mission was to “create a greener and cleaner environment” for you.  We remain passionate about using natural “green” products wherever we clean.  Our customers, their friends, families and pets deserve a clean environment conducive to their health.  We remain committed to providing our customers a clean place to live and work so they feel refreshed and comfortable in their environment. This clean and green environment is an extension to the beautiful landscape of Florida’s First Coast and we consider it a privilege to bring that into our client’s homes and places of work. 

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